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The next generation are the future of Australia’s gold industry, and students’ understanding of its significant role begins in the classroom and at home.

Therefore, the Gold Industry Group and a number of other organisations across the country offer a wide variety of fun and engaging materials or activities.

The sector is a diverse and ever-changing industry, offering jobs that adapt with new technology and innovative ideas. In school, the subjects of history, social science, science, technology, engineering and mathematics are key avenues through which students can develop acute problem-solving skills and logical reasoning to expertly handle the tasks of tomorrow and tackle the industry challenges of the future.

Introducing students to the gold sector can begin in Primary School, with their curiosity sparked through an understanding of what gold is and how valuable it is to their everyday lives, particularly being found in ordinary household objects. Secondary School students can expand on this understanding by diving into the sector’s history, its inner workings and impacts on our community and economy. Tertiary students can then continue their passion for gold by exploring precise areas of interest and study.

There is a plethora of free online educational resources, school programs, excursion options, in-class activities and professional development opportunities to support teachers across the nation in inspiring the next generation of gold workers.

Browse the below options to begin exciting your students about Australia’s gold industry and sign up to our Gold Teacher News to stay updated.

National Gold Education Program

The Gold Industry Group’s innovative National Gold Education Program provides access to free, interactive gold demonstrations delivered in class by passionate industry workers.

The Program’s other unique offering are exclusive Gold Resources Kits that contain real rock and gold samples along with a range of educational tools that link to the Australian Curriculum.

Gold Experiences and Excursions

Download the Gold Industry Group’s free Heart of Gold Australia app to a mobile or tablet device to access a wealth of gold experiences from across Australia that make excellent student excursions, including the Perth and Kalgoorlie Heart of Gold Discovery Trails.

The free app is a terrific resource for use within the classroom, engaging students through STEM and HASS subjects with a wide variety of virtual, interactive features such as the Discover Gold Game.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Gold Mine Work Experience, Mining Camps and Mentoring

Outside of the classroom, your students can also participate in a range of other activities or seize opportunities that will help to begin their journey in the gold industry while still in school.

Learn more:


Gold Teacher Resources

Gold Industry Group

Further online learning tools and classroom materials are freely available for schools across the country from the Gold Industry Group website, including:

  • Lessons plans linked to the Australian Curriculum for Upper Primary (Year 4 and 5) and Lower Secondary (Year 7 to 9) school students that relate to the Heart of Gold Discovery Trails and cover the Humanities and Social Sciences, English, Mathematics and Science subject areas.
  • Industry facts and figures are updated annually.
  • Education news articles, media releases and more are published regularly.
  • Explore other news tabs for stories on gold history, technology, innovation and much more, published regularly.
  • Professional Development sessions or a gold presentation delivered by a Gold Industry Group representative, can be booked at your next teacher conference or other educational event.

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    Australian Earth Science Education

    In a new collaboration between the Gold Industry Group and Earth Science Western Australia, Earth and Environmental Science education in New South Wales is being supported and promoted to Year 11 and 12 students through free local, contextual resources, educator training and mentoring, and engagements with both students and industry. The innovative online approach provides teachers with access to resources via the blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

    CoRE Learning Foundation

    The CoRE (Centre of Resources Excellence) Learning Foundation’s quality STEM learning program in Western Australia integrates into existing education systems to deliver sustainable workforces for the future of Australia’s resource industry. The CoRE Learning Model originated as a secondary school specialist program, based on a STEAM framework, and plans to expand across Australia. The student-driven model is customised and run internally by a school, with a focus on giving students different options to understand and align their life (and future work) with world purpose.

    STEM unitED

    STEM education provider FireTech Australia, with financial and in-kind support from RUC, WA Mining Club and Platform Communications, runs the STEM unitED program to Western Australian Year 9 students, engaging them in hands-on STEM learning. The program ignites curiosity in and bridges the gap between STEM learning and real-world applications in the industry, creating interest for students in mining careers.

    Heritage Perth’s Learning Portal

    Students can get involved in Perth’s rich heritage through Heritage Perth’s Learning and Discovery portal. Educational resources for teachers include a list of heritage sites for excursions, historic stories told from different perspectives, the iSTE(A)M Learning Guide, urban geography activities, a digital toolkit and the Sisters of Mercy Heritage Centre.

    Sovereign Hill Education Program

    Sovereign Hill is an open-air museum in Bendigo, Victoria, providing a wide range of innovative, ‘hands-on’ learning experiences for students from Foundation to Tertiary levels. Visiting school groups can participate in daily activities and demonstrations including costumed role play, explore all exhibits including replicas of gold rush era shops and cottages, see real gold nuggets, undertake in a range of programs at the Gold Museum, and enjoy a multi-sensory evening experience.

    Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy

    Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) is a highly successful program placing students onto pathways into the resources sector and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries. The Academy’s programs and experiences broaden students’ and teachers’ knowledge of the resources sector and provide a talent pipeline of employees into VET and STEM-related careers, with a strong focus on female and Indigenous students. QMEA also supports teacher development teachers through the education website Oresome Resources.

    Oresome Resources

    OresomeResources offers a great comprehensive online toolkit and classroom resources that Australia’s resources sector provides free of charge for any school in the country to use, including those conducting home schooling, to assist with the teaching and learning of minerals and energy.

    National Museum of Australia

    Bringing to life the rich and diverse stories of Australia’s gold industry and history, the National Museum of Australia’s (NMA) KSpace offers terrific teacher resources including creative projects, assignment questions and an online quiz, all linked to the Australian Curriculum. In the NMA’s Kids Learning Space, videos, photographs and further background help to provide answers and inspiration for students, while the Gold Rush Game presents kids with a fun online introduction to the Victorian goldfields.

    Minerals Council of Australia

    As the national advocate for Australia’s minerals industry, the MCA offers teachers many free educational materials, including fact sheets, industry snapshots, mining career stories, and the ‘More to Mining Careers Guide’.

    World Gold Council

    As the market development organisation for the world’s gold industry, the World Gold Council hosts a wealth of information to assist in shaping the global dialogue of the precious metal. Teachers can freely access a variety of materials and learning resources, including a history of gold, statistics and fact sheets, the lifecycle of a mine, market structure, regulations and taxation and much more.