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Gold is a valuable metal that plays an important role in our everyday lives.

From being an essential component inside electronics, such as your smartphone, to flashy grills or fillings in your mouth, gold is a very versatile and valuable metal that plays a vital role in many household products we use today. There is even some gold in your body!

Australia’s gold industry is a vast and thriving sector that employs more than 55,000 Australians in regions across the country in a diverse range of exciting roles. More than 80,000 people live in gold mining towns or regions across the country, and our nation is proudly the world’s second largest producing country of gold, with 14 of the world’s largest gold projects located right here.

Jobs in the gold industry vary greatly, with opportunities across technology, innovation, manufacturing, environment, health and safety, emergency response, community, tourism, administration, management, human resources and finance. Whatever your skill or interest, there is a job for you!

Discover more about the precious metal while in school and beyond.

Take the Gold Jobs Quiz to discover what roles would suit you from the variety of positions available in Australia’s gold industry.


Primary Students

Gold Experiences

Explore Australia’s gold industry with your family and friends from anywhere with the free interactive Heart of Gold Australia app! Enjoy a wide variety of gold experiences, including tours, attractions, and self-guided discoveries, through to gold games, widgets and gold-themed activities.

Uncover the exciting history of gold mining in Australia, including how our pioneers broke ground during the early gold rushes of the 1800’s, through to how gold mines operate today using the latest technology and advanced equipment. Discover audio and visual tales to follow famous men and women or find out how famous landmarks and infrastructure sprang up from the wealth of gold. Unearth cool gold facts and see how the precious metal is valuable in our everyday lives.

These interactive encounters are an excellent way to begin your educational journey of the gold sector, while learning how gold mining has helped not only to shape our nation but also what it means to our community, economy and future.


Secondary Students

The Importance of STEM

Applying yourself to study in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or STEM) is vital for certain roles, as it provides and enhances the logical understanding required to address the challenges faced within the sector and ensure informed decisions are made in jobs around automation and technology.

Work Experience, Mining Camps and Mentoring

Outside of the classroom, you can also participate in a range of activities or seize opportunities that will help to begin your journey in the gold industry while still in school!

Joining a mining camp or participating in work experience is a great way for high-school students to ‘get a taste’ of the gold industry. Students can visit mine sites, laboratories and other facilities, talk with industry professionals about their career experiences, and discover which relevant degrees to apply for at university or which courses to undertake at TAFE or VET institutions. Mentoring opportunities are also available, to guide students into areas of work that interest them.

Learn more:

Secondary students preparing to embark on their career in gold are also encouraged to explore these pages:


Tertiary Students

Students can take a number of different paths to start their career in gold.

Explore our Careers page to discover the type of work available in Australia’s gold sector, including how to begin building skills or qualifications, and then learn more from these pages to help kick start that journey: